About the kennel

I am a cynolog over many years and I have been breeding Akitas for 10 years under the kennel name "Samurai Yashiki”. I have always loved large dogs and I am somewhat averse than smaller breeds because of their excessive nervousness. 3 years ago, when visiting Silvia Exposito,one of the great Akita and Shiba kennel, for the first time I had the opportunity to learn more about Shibas'. I liked them at first glance. They were all that small dog sare not. Poised, calm and full of dignity. Shibaisa big dog trapped in a small body. That's why I decided to start to breed this wonderful breed and try to bring people closer to a great little dog.

Kennel "Samurai Yashiki" is here for you and if you have any questions about these two wonderful breeds, please contact us.

May, 2011.,
Rebeka Tratnik